Bitcoin Update and the first ideas of the MacLean Manifesto

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#Bitcoin Update.
first cognitive version of the
Antidote to dehumanisation.

An oppositional BEAR MARKET state to the prior FOMO (fear of missing out) unrealistic hyped BULL MARKET has eventuated. This is due to overt Conservatism.


Be aware of this.

While most people have been freaking out due to the fear based, emotional impacts of volatility, the cryptocurrency industry has moved forward significantly.

The technology innovation state has moved significantly beyond the issues that plagued Bitcoin six months ago.

The most important news that indicates true scalability, along with being a genuine precursory indicator to a coming bull rush, is news from XAPO about SEGWIT implementation.

However, it doesn't end there.

While SEGWIT will accelerate network transactions, which precludes scalability and will massively accelerate the adoption bell curve to early majority, the diffusion of innovation is being further enhanced by something else.



Therefore, any protocol release that achieves a genuine resolve of the two main underlying barriers to adoption, is going to be a precursory predictor to mass adoption.

What happens next is this.

With the next wave of adoption, comes substantially increased demand, at a time when supply will reduce.

In the last few months, billions in Bitcoin has been dumped into circulation. Having an impact much like when banks routinely print money, which results in currency devaluation.

Except for one thing.

Bitcoin protocol is the opposite of FIAT cash.

Every four years, the amount of bitcoin being produced REDUCES by HALF.

This is called the bitcoin halving.

This perpetual reductive state, guarantees the reduction of supply and increases the degree of difficulty to create bitcoin.

REDUCING SUPPLY with INCREASING DEMAND creates an inflationary value state.

Understanding the science behind this provides a level of surety around forecasting any value state rise.

However, there is one caveat or wild card.


Emotional fear controls this key area also.

The reality?

Governments are creating their own Cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency will replace fiat cash money as we know it.


Government currencies will become a way for BANKRUPT COUNTRIES (which is every western country spending beyond it's means) to suddenly raise all the capital they need to wipe out debt and get out of jail free.

This is especially relevant to a tidal wave of humanity in the form of an ageing population.

By year 2025,

there will be a ratio of




This is untenable.

Governments have known about this FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON for some time, but not communicated this to the public.

I know this, because I worked on National Disability Insurance Scheme and Health Care transformation with IBM and Attache Software. I was on point to develop the industry transformation business case engine models for how integrated software could be used for CARE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS to ensure NDS Government compliance.

These facts are well known.

Almost two years ago, I researched and discovered that GOVCOIN UK that had already successfully conducted BITCOIN trials to pay PENSIONS with EFTPOS CARDS.

This has already happened.

And trials for this are now being implemented in several countries.

Just because YOU THE PUBLIC is unaware, does not make your knowledge the truth.

In fact, people like me, who are at least 20 to 30 years ahead of the public in terms of real world knowledge about which transformations are actually happening, appear to be crazy to most people.

What is really happening is that innovators like us quite simply have access to more knowledge due to our skills in technology.

Where this all leads to?


Two things will occur.


  1. BITCOIN and ETHEREUM will explode to US$25,000 per coin value by June 2019. Ethereum will rise the highest by % value increase and is significantly under value - in my view.
  2. Cryptocurrency will become commoditised and become revalued by the introduction and intervention of Government cryptocurrencies.



When I studied the underlying architecture and ethics nature of Cryptocurrency, I went all the way back to the ideas behind how and why it was created.

The underlying thought process came from ETHICS and PHILOSOPHY.


The reason I can see this, is that I have a super power, I have a genius IQ in the specific area of visual pattern recognition, and like Tesla, I use lucid dreaming, visualisation and spatial intelligence to see correlating patterns.

What's ironic, is that I am pretty retarded at some things! But do have a special kind of ability in a particular area. I'm also an intuitive empath, so my ability to find correlating behavioural patterns in a system, is augmented beyond the norm. I am seeing what is really there. Because my reticular activation system is not impacting my pattern recognition to only see what I have been taught to see, which is the issue that most PhD's and MBA's struggle with. Seeing beyond what has been taught to what is actually there. I was taught to see reality by a great mentor.

That's why I see some things that other people don't, and it has made me a pretty good self-taught analyst. Noting that I have very little formal training, but can learn pretty much anything due to this ability.

Knowing this capacity is important, because it correlates to the outcomes I have had, with over 800,000 readers world wide reading my answers on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, people who have been attracted due to answer accuracy and simplification of complexity.

I am not from a scientific background, I have to work harder to study a system, which causes me to simplify components to visually integrated machine-like correlating parts.

I literally see these components of complex system dynamics as transformational engines, each integrating with the next, to form a whole.

A thinking which has lead me to question how we come to design technical automation systems that either DEHUMANISE or HUMANISE the experience for humanity.

Ethics plays a key role in this.

And so when go back to HORIZONTAL COLLECTIVISM, which is the collection of ideas, distributed across equal decision makers, we have true democracy. This is a fundamentally DECENTRALISED and DISTRIBUTED SOCIAL VALUE DECISIONING MODEL.

In the VERTICAL COLLECTIVISM Model, we have a centralisation of value, directed by a central authority. This is the CURRENT OR OLD MODEL.


There are three blockchain / cryptocurrency models.



Note this important logic.

ONLY THE DISTRIBUTED MODEL correlates to the HORIZONTAL COLLECTIVISM. This is because fundamentally, this is a cellular, peer to peer network, through which CONSENSUS is formed by the individual driven VOTING of each NODE or point in the network. This is genuine democracy. The individual is in control of their human experience. Not the centralised OR decentralised authority. Autonomy is achieved, while connected to the wider node (community) matrix.

The DECENTRALISED Model, HAS THE APPEARANCE of IMPROVING DECENTRALISATION. However, what it really achieves is to create many more points of centralised control across a wider network, with higher operational efficiency and cost reduction. This is the popular method being adopted and is NOT the DISTRIBUTED. The value and ideas of the many go back to the one. In a truly DISTRIBUTED MODEL, the value and ideas of the many, go to the many from the one. This is a very different model for value and equanimity.


Most corporations and governments will move to the DECENTRALISED MODEL, because this lowers mainframe server and even cloud infrastructure costs, by adding the DECISION MAKING capability to autonomous, ai, machine learning, RFID, IP address based satellite points of the network, powered by SMART CONTRACTS that work on a pattern of decision as simple as IF THIS HAPPENS, THEN DO THAT. The complex issue with these systems is simply bridging the old world with the new. To my mind this is simply about taking old ODBC and API data mapping infrastructures and creating agreed naming conventions for data table headers, mapping data interchange to create organisation, business process optimisation efficiencies. Complexity made Simple.

What this means?

That governments and corporations will have incredible power and control of BIG DATA privacy and can now manipulate populations in ways that we can not dream of. This has already happened, with the manipulation of democracy through algorithmic based marketing, now being outlawed in some countries. This is how Trump came into power. Market Manipulation through control of information.


Truly distributed networks move completely away from DECENTRALISED NODES and place the DECISION MAKING in the hands of the PEOPLE. A citizen controls the SMART CONTRACT, which WORKS FOR THEM, based on an intentionally, self set, Personal Information Data (PID) to establish the identity and the interests of a person. By law, a person needs to become their own sovereign territory, with the autonomy to operate (broadly) to pursue their intentional activity with freewill, within the boundaries of commonly agree ethics and human rights law. All citizen ID's should be held accountable to uphold these principles for mutual dignity, through education. This is a positive use of technology to ensure human dignity. No central authority should be involved. Rather, by CONSENSUS, informed by ten thousand years of human pain, to ensure human dignity.

The key issue?

Is that if this IDENTITY is controlled by GOVERNMENT, we will be in fascism.

If that IDENTITY Is controlled by the INDIVIDUAL, we will have freedom.

Since happiness is measured by a component of 40% being from our ability to pursue INTENTIONAL ACTIVITIES and have purposeful lives, and, 40% by genetic set point, the systemisation of happiness deals with the 30% of environment and 40% of freedom to pursue intention, equaling 70% happiness, overall.

And yet the technology network itself that creates either UNHAPPINESS or HAPPINESS, looks almost the same in both cases. The differences are very subtle. The outcomes could not be more different.

Only very knowledgeable people can see through that difference.

In order to REHUMANISE technology, we must seek to put HUMANITY in control of systems as NODES or TOUCH POINTS in the network.

ETHICS and PHILOSOPHY play the leading role in determining the priority for technical implementation of HUMAN RIGHTS and CONSTITUTIONAL covenants into the technology.

The issue that we have is that APATHETIC, NARCISSISTIC and SOCIOPATHIC people in governance, are usually the people in control of these systems of human governance. They seek to transfer the value and ideas of the many to the one. This system enslaves populations to the ideas of the few. And can not continue. Especially where these ideas leads to the unhappiness and genuine harmful, detriment of a civilian population. Technology can protect people from such harmful environmental influences, protecting the happiness of citizens.

Empathic people are typically not commanding enough to enter those systems and change them.


By bringing ETHICS and HUMANITY back into systems for governance.

And many people like me, who possess fundamental ETHICS and HUMAN principles, are entering TECHNOLOGY like a virus to inject HUMANITY. I call this an ANTIDOTE TO DEHUMANISATION.

Be the change.

We must being a movement to teach people ETHICS and HUMAN RIGHTS and GOVERNANCE to restore the balance of how technology can REHUMANISE the use of transformational technologies.


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