The details of Legalization: Measure 3 in North Dakota

in m3 •  6 months ago

Video analysis of the states news conference in opposition to Measure 3

After doing some more research on Measure 3, I got extremely excited about how it is the "MOST LIBERAL (I'd say libertarian) law ever written" It pretty much gives North Dakota a RESET and a clean slate when it comes to #cannabis. This is a phenomenal piece of legislation that NEEDS to pass! We need at least ONE STATE in the Union to have FULL CANNABIS FREEDOM!

Watch my video below giving my 2 cents about it.
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I already hope it passes, but now perhaps even more so. I find it strange and awesome at the same time that North Dakota may end up being one of the first states in the midwest (or the north or whatever I guess North Dakota is ha) to legalize.