[VIDEO] Lykke exchange and a LyCI "fund" token

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In this video i talk about Steem/Fiat pair the Lykke exchange is providing. That's awesome even though it is not one of the biggest exchanges. Lykke also provides a diversified fund investment option with the LyCI token!

The Exchange: https://www.lykke.com/exchange


Dtube is a video platform that rewards its users. You get rewarded for posting videos and interact. This video was originally produced for Dtube.

My Dtube Channel: https://goo.gl/8D3p9M

My Steem account: https://goo.gl/4gjXo1


Steem is the Blockchain Dtube is running on. Steem has different interfaces and Applications built on it. with one account you can use all Apps.

Sign up (waiting list): https://goo.gl/bWMFf1

Sign up (instantly): https://goo.gl/1rbP1g


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#lykke #lyci #steem #share2steem

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Is this exchange api on coinmarketcap already??

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