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Luckygames Update. What's new?

****Wallet Status page:****
Wallet status displays real-time status information for Luckygames's wallets.

Active Referrals list:
This page displays the actual list of your active referrals.

New coin:
Ethereum Classic was added.
alt text

AUTO mode:
The limit "Stop if bet amount over" was added.
You can use up to 5 decimals in "Increase" and "Decrease" fields.

"x2" and "/2" options were added.

Game Settings:
Animation (off/on) option is available.
"MAX" option now includes the maximum bet amount on each cryptocurrency.
Update: Now maximum bet amount is up to 0.5 BTC

The list of minimum and maximum bet amounts on each cryptocurrency was added.

Welcome a brand new Game bot (every 2 hours).
Spanish and Indonesian rooms were added.

You are able to see which of your friends are online.

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