What it means to be loyal

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Joe Lonsdale, the American entrepreneur and investor once said, “Great leaders inspire incredible loyalty in their followers and subordinates.” and this is very true. 

Loyalty is a virtue we all crave for in our daily lives. It is something we expect from those we trust. Hence, Loyalty is the virtue of faithfulness.

Loyalty is  staying firm in your friendship or allegiance to someone or something. This means that it is a moral obligation of duty and devotion to what you believe. Without loyalty, trust would seem vague. It is loyalty that teaches us to say “I will stay with you no matter what happens”. It is the bond that holds families together and ignites true friendship. 

It can be said that in nation building, the virtue of loyalty is indispensable for growth because loyalty is the foundation for trust and trust is what businesses and institutions are built and thrive upon. Every successful nation in the world is built on loyalty to the nation’s core values and commitment to its bond of faithfulness. 

This explains why Mario Puzo said “The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other.”
Without Loyalty, we loose any regard we have for each other. We will live in constant fear of being betrayed by the next person, but, Loyalty teaches us that we can believe in each other and together we are strong. 

Someone who is loyal is reliable and always true to their friends, colleagues, family and nation. Loyalty will never give up on people when they need your help. 

It may seem today that loyalty is dead and that we face a future in which everyone is out for their own gain. But when we take loyalty serious and hold it in the highest regard, we will have better homes and successful nations. 


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