My Low Poly Models from 2015

in #lowpoly6 years ago

These are three low poly models I made back in early-2015. I used a program called blender, a free 3D modeling program.


I made this generic mountain scene following a youtube tutorial, I learned about setting up multiple lighting sources (In film making they call this a three point lighting system)


I made this image after I was inspired by seeing an image similar to it, I used only one source of light to create a dramatic effect.


This image is from one of my small video game's concept art. I wanted to make a low poly human who had been shot in the head.

I downloaded a free CC0 model from a blender file sharing website, the original model was a much more detailed human base model, I then used a feature to “decimate” the polygons. Meaning I reduced the number of points in the mesh, a polygon is simply a plane within a mesh .

So I made the model much more blocky, then I carved out a chunk to create a shotgun wound effect, then applied a crimson red texture to the area. I’m proud of the atmospheric blend I did in the background, the yellow to orange really highlights the blue, which in turn makes the red pop.

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