"What does it mean if I dreamed that i kissed my ex-boyfriend?"

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The dream

I am 17 years old. I was dreaming tonight about my ex-boyfriend. We broke up about a month ago. I dreamed that I was coming to his town and that I was meeting him there. His friends were also there and he was really drunk. We were back together and kissed a lot, on his own initiative. After we sat together he went, I do not remember so much where, and I and my friends drove in that big Taxi.

In another dream, I was peeling off the skin between my lips and my nose and got some blood dripping off the lip.

As for the first dream, it is important to note that less than a week ago, he revealed that he has a new girlfriend.


Image: Switzerland-based illustrator and artist Christo Dagorov

My Interpretation to your dream

The dream of the ex makes sense. It's actually expected since you two have just separated and the emotional-energetic connection between you still exists. You think about him, he thinks about you. Dreams are part of the releasing process. Incidentally, the dreams do not tell you what to do, whether or not to return to hun, they merely reflect potentials and the current state of your energy.

The second dream represents the idea more palpably - you try to remove the ex from yourself, off yourself - just like "peeling" it off your body, and the process is not easy. It hurts (?) and harms you, but not radically (because there was just a little blood). If you really want to free yourself from him and move on, you must stop thinking about him. It is not easy, I know, but the mental engagement attracts the kind of dreams you described and makes it difficult to release.


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