To be a Master of Relationships, chapter 47 – At the gate

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A memoir

The gate situation, that is, the standing at the edge of the threshold which leads to the kingdom of Realization while you are holding the four keys that you have attained, is a significant event in your personal life, one that you will not be able to overlook.


Lorenzo Montezemolo

Since each individual arrives at the gate from a different place and time, it is not possible to identify a certain physical or virtual location for the gate itself. However, there is a common denominator that unites the travelers and that is the feeling of hopelessness facing the fact that life has ceased to work properly for them as it used to. The frustration and bitterness is seventh fold in the relationship area because it seems that albeit the tremendous personal work that you have invested, True-Love has moved farther away from you. Your ONE is not in sight.

Take a look at the palm of your hand. You have worked so hard and now you hold those keys.

  • The large wooden key of belief;
  • the slightly bent yet properly function key of truth;
  • the key of will which its polished end is a result of your intense and focused actions;
  • and the little four teeth key of integration.

You have done a long way since that little voice had revealed to you for the first time that your soul does exist and that you would have to be filtered through the gate. With determination, perseverance and lots of patience, you trusted yourself and believed in your abilities until this moment came in which you are found worthy to cross that threshold into that desired place.

The fact that you are not currently witnessing a substantial improvement in your romantic love life doesn’t imply that you have done something wrong or that you have failed. On the contrary, you are indeed on the right track and sooner than later you will indeed take the faster road. There is still some way to cross, experiences to live, lessons to learn and to remember, people to meet and tasks to fulfill.

What lies behind the gate? What will happen?

Indeed, the kingdom of Realization exists there but the best you can do is to release any expectations. TrueLove? Verily. That is certain. But beyond that, all possibilities exist.


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