"I met strange people and did weird stuff" - a dream interpretation

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The dream

In recent days I have a series of delusional dreams. I noticed that it only happens when I sleep with my head to the north, but when I move to the other side (head to the south) I hardly dream. Is there any explanation for this?

Last night I had a completely delusional dream - something like " The Big Brother" (Orwell's, not the TV show). I dreamed that I was on some street, and suddenly there was total darkness and some voice told everyone to go inside before everything was locked. I rush into a store (I do not know why), and there are many more people, dark, a giant screen, and there is some kind of hallucinatory film with a religious theme. I remember that there was a beautiful building (in the film) with eye-shaped glasses, and then something happened and the building peeled off and it had a mean look. I also dreamed that a voice was speaking and it had a Jewish tone even though it seemed dubious to me and I was sure it was a sect or something.

There were people who did not pay attention to the film around me, but I was afraid that someone would ask questions about it later, so I tried to pay attention to every detail. Then came through the door (although it was supposed to be locked) two children from another place, around the age of 12, with a huge tray of sweets and put it on me, told us to take some, but I suspected it was a test, so I did not touch it. Then one of them took out a board, marked some numbers. wrote my name and told me to come with him.

We went somewhere and he gave me a newspaper that had strange questions with three possible answers - I remember clearly that one of them was "who is allowed to kill people, God or others". Another question was "what is better, slavery in Nepal, Cambodia or technological?" I had a very interesting discussion with the boy who took me there, I told him that the implications of technological slavery are much harsher because we get addicted to it. He released me and told me to go back, the "15th floor". so I went into the elevator and pressed the 15th floor (although the buttons there were not arranged in order but were completely disorganized - was 2, 15, 13, and more. There was also a group of girls who went up to the second floor). Then I got to the 15th floor, went out to something that looked like a dark roof, and there were other people walking toward the front door of the building. That was it.

This dream seemed to be one of the most delusional I had ever dreamed. What do the elements mean there? And what do the numbers mean? Thanks. My age: 25, Single.


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My Interpretation to your dream

First, you're right. Changing the direction of sleep to the north changes the nature of dreaming. I was introduced to this fact a few years ago and changed the location of the bed in my room. Nice you have noticed.

Anyway, the nature of the dreams becomes more experiential and less symbolic. The dream you described presents this.

According to my understanding, this is a journey you have made to another dimension, a different reality, where you met with foreign populations. Since this is not a symbolic dream - in my opinion - there is no point in interpreting the objects/events. The important question for you is why you came to this reality, how you got there and what it teaches about the expansion of your consciousness. These are questions that of course, I can not answer without knowing the circumstances of your life. At the same time, this is an investigation you can do by yourself.

I recommended -

  • Write down your dreams in great detail. Especially pay attention to the feelings that arise in you.
  • Especially pay attention to the places you find yourself at - do you return to the same world every night? Every two nights? Never?
  • Try to see if there is an element that repeats itself in each dream and accompanies you? Is it a form of energy (for example, a light ball of a certain color)?
  • Very important - what is your level of awareness in the dream? Are you aware that you are dreaming? Or do you only understand this upon waking up?

The information you collect in the course of your investigation will be priceless.

I think that somewhere I was aware that I was dreaming, I remember that towards the end of the dream I told myself that I had to wake up and it was a dream .... The most remembered feeling of the dream was of danger and fear, I kept suspecting that I would fall somewhere and someone would decide that I should die or something. I also remember the element of Judaism.

The elements that come back very much in my dreams are elements of supernatural things - for example, two nights ago I dreamed that I had a device that allowed people to be sent from time to time, and a few nights ago I dreamed that I had the power to freeze time. And every time I wake up, it makes me laugh at first and then it bothers me that it repeats itself all the time in other ways ... I do not have any special life circumstances or irregularities, so it's even stranger to me ...

It bothers you because you're in a new unfamiliar environment. Try to give yourself mental suggestions before you fall asleep that you are safe and protected. Your consciousness has mechanisms to maintain itself and your safety so as long as you allow the dreaming process to occur naturally (without artificial substances like drugs, medicine or alcohol) there is no basis for fear. That does not mean we should ignore it, of course.

The supernatural in your dreams indicates that you are in another world, in a different reality. Investigate that realm. The documentation you bring may be very interesting for you and for all of us.


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