Dreams about a house, what could it mean?

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The dreams

In the dream I hurried out of the house very early, half dressed, not knowing what was so urgent, but I hurried to the store (grocery store). No money, no car, no keys, no phone. Almost without clothes.

When I arrived the doors opened, all the employees were there after a seminar that has lasted all night long. I do not remember what I wanted but it took a long time. For so long I thought my husband must have gone to work and did not understand what had happened to me. I kept thinking he must be very worried and did not understand what had happened.

Then I decided it was time to go back home. I think it was already like 10 or 11 am. And I started the walk back on foot. But the way back was much longer than I did in the morning, in haste.

And that was not my place of residence at all. It was a small town by the sea. We live in a very small and remote village, and not by the sea.

On the way, I met a woman, about my age, whom I had known before (now I have no idea who she is). We paced together and talked about everyday matters. I woke up before I got home (spraying plane), but I was left with the feeling that "the way home will take a long time. I'm 60 years old.

Two days later I had another dream - I dreamed that our close neighbors sold the house to a very nice family, who turned their home into a "Zimmer". The house is huge and has a wonderful yard with trees and grass, but they bring home a lot of tenants, who do not look like vacationers at all, more like a refugee camp. People sit idly everywhere, in the corridors, in the aisles, on the grass.

And one day I feel that I can no longer live like this and I go to another place that looks like a neighborhood of apartment houses and in one of the apartments, my ex is living with his father. The apartment has one large room and bathroom. And his father jumps at me enthusiastically: "Hello, how are you?" And squeezes my hand. And everybody thinks that I'll be moving there soon. (To clarify: I do not have close neighbors, and I have no desire to return to my ex).


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My Interpretation to your dream

Let me start with the second dream - the huge house represents the home of your soul, which consists of many different, self-contained aspects. The place is beautiful and charming and no wonder you perceived the yard as splendid with trees and grass. This is a private castle where you live.

The tenants-vacationers are those varied self-contained objects of yours. You are one of those many and in the dream, you are aware of them. A kind of reunion. This process of socialization is difficult for you at this point and you are seeking refuge. A place that is smaller in terms of consciousness, so you turned to an apartment house. Notice the size of the apartment - from a private home and a large courtyard to a small apartment.

There is no judgment here, and even if you choose to shrink, you will be welcomed and accepted (symbolized by the greeting from the father of the ex). You seem to be at a crossroads in your life - whether to continue to grow spiritually, internally or to take time out, to slow down the process. Again, this is not a correct and incorrect decision. There is no judgment.

The first dream describes a conflict within you, and you feel you have no time to solve it and reach a decision (symbolized by leaving the house so quickly).

On the one hand, you want to fulfill some need that you have recently awakened more intensely, to do something for yourself (to learn something?), and on the other hand, you feel it will be selfish, it will arouse resistance from your family. The woman you met on the way back had an important message for you. Try to remember your conversation. If not, try to go back to the same place tonight and meet her again.

By the way, the resistance is merely a reflection of the doubts that are in you. Once resistance is overcome, it will also disappear.

Good Luck!


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