"Can I know what the future has for me? Is it possible to predict what to come?"

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Is my current work colleague my future husband?

I really want to know. Right now I feel stuck.



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Thank you for this question because it represents a trend in the questions that people ask.

The need to know the future is common to many people but it is not appropriate for me, an outside element, to tell you what the future holds for you. Firstly, I do not know, and no one can really know. The best I could tell you are trends and options. Secondly, telling you might take your own abilities to look within.

You see, if I answered: "Yes, he is your future husband", and then you two got married and he became abusive to you and your children - you would be afraid to claim your power and leave him because "someone told you he is your husband". And vice versa - if I told you he was not your husband but later reality changed and he became the most appropriate person to be married to - you would miss the opportunity! Do you see what I am saying?

The true answer to you and people who ask similar questions is that the state of doubt and confusion that you find yourself in right now regarding your potential future is a gift and an opportunity you have given yourself to go within and find your own ways to decide and discern what the situation is. It means looking for your OWN true power that you DO have and NOT rely on the words of some stranger who lives far away from you and in another pattern of reality.

I hope this answer will help you and others. I know you expected to hear something else, a more definite reply, but as I said, it would not be appropriate. This is my opinion. All is as it should be because it is YOU who need to make the decisions at the end of the day and live your life, not me.

Let's look at the "need to know" situation from the master point of view. Who needs to know? Who must have the information? The same part that feels stuck. And who is this part? The little human of course.

Enlightenment is not about instant manifestation out of thin air or walking on water or knowing the future. Only the little human craves for such reassurances. The master knows that all is well and that basically, the reality doesn't matter, for whatever future may come it will be perfect.

Not only that, since the master knows that reality comes from within, based on the master's own personal energy, then that reality can be changed instantly. If so, then what for do you need to know if that person is your future husband? Do you want him to be your future husband? Then so be it. You do not want? Then do not follow that course of action.

Parallel worlds

It's amazing, isn't it? There are two future existing. In one, your colleague and you are married. In the other, you are not. Actually, there are many more futures and in one of them, you are not even married.

So the direct answer to your question is yes. Your colleague is your future husband. AND no, your colleague is not your future husband.

Right before our eyes, humans are divided into those who utterly & irrevocably Trust, and all the rest, the mind people. Those who trust, know that whatever the future brings, they will be fine with it. Not only that, they really don't want to know what that future may be because then the whole fun will go away. They rather live in the now moment, experience the uncertainty of life, and feel those potentials I mentioned. They use their inner senses to weave themselves in and out of the matrix, in and out of the physical reality. On the one hand, they are the human who experiences life, then they are the aspect who observes the human, and they are also the master who gathers and collects the wisdom, while all along they are also the essence that creates the reality.

Do you see the beauty of it all? In the awareness of being the creator and the one who experiences and the one who has no agenda but to observes what is happening and finally being the master who filters the experiences to a pearl of pure wisdom, given to the soul.


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