"Almost drowining by 30 meters high sea waves" - a dream interpretation

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The dream

I had a really strange dream tonight: I dreamed that I was on the beach with my husband and other friends but there was not really a clear border between the beach and the sea. My husband comes out of the water and tells me that the water is very pleasant and quiet. I stand on the indeterminate border between the beach and the sea, with my back to the sea, and then high-tower seize waves start to form. They pass over me, I hardly get wet and I do not get carried away by them. What it means?


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My Interpretation to your dream

Is it possible that the dream is trying to tell you to get a bit more into the world of spirit and emotion? Sea symbolizes in many cases the ocean of infinite consciousness. Many people are afraid (the ego is afraid) to start a spiritual journey out of fear that they will be swallowed and disappear. They are also afraid to be emotionally exposed, to drill down into their emotional world and to experience life to the fullest.

It is possible that your husband represents the inner and loving part of yourself, the calm and balanced self that sends you a message that you will be safe if you explore your inner world and if you allow yourself to live more fully. You will be ok even when the sea will be stormy (= with the progress of self-exploration). You will be protected from all evil and almost will not get wet.

Another option to interpret your dream is very tangible - you witness a tsunami, whether in reality or in a movie you have seen.


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