Love the clouds <3

in lovetheclouds •  last year  (edited)

Wintertime is not my favourite season...but what i love in winter is this frozen atmosphere when you can barely breath. Nature is still sleeping but almost ready to start growing....

My contribution to @tobetada´s contest #lovetheclouds:

Just Simple - Bavaria/Germany - very close to the monastery of Andechs

Hope you like it ;)

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nice view


Thank you @sardrt :)

Oh my good that's amusing photography.....really nice photo shoot @migratorybird


Thank you nazmul :) happy you like it!


You are most welcome dear

Wirklich hübsch 😀 Ich glaub ich muss auch mal wieder in die Berge

Die Wolken sehen genial aus. Ich mag solche Bilder sehr gerne!

Vielen Dank für's Zeigen! :)