🌤 Love The Clouds Contest #50

in lovetheclouds •  13 days ago 

My entry for the
#LoveTheClouds 🌤 Contest by @tobetada

A wonderful cloud display with the setting of the sun over the marsh. The reflection on the water makes the moment in time..doubly beautiful and powerful.



Photos taken by
October 15, 2019

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Lovely :) Cheers :)

Thank You !!
🤗 Cheers :-)

@annephilbrick I love the how it reflects on the water, so beautiful

😊 !!
Thank You !!
I love sitting down by the edge of the marsh and watching the sunset..😘🤗. Most beautiful. Gratitude.

Good Morning @annephilbrick! Wonderful images!

Thank You..!!
;-D ..!!

:) You are welcome @annephilbrick!

;-D !!!!!!!!!!!