I'm paying 20 USD Worth of Steem or SBD to Authors who Write for @lovejuice!

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Lovejuice Minnow Promotion

So, I have a bidbot called @lovejuice and a few months ago I started the Lovejuice Minnow Promotion where authors could post through the @lovejuice account and get paid 5 Steem.

2 weeks ago I increased that amount to 20 USD worth of Steem or SBD.


I started @minnowsupport, aka Minnow Support Project, and the Palnet Discord with the goal of spreading the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty.

The Lovejuice Minnow Promotion is the Abundance aspect of that goal.
I want to help as many minnows and new users succeed on this platform as I can while also giving back to the community. This is also about growing the community. Having an opportunity to start earning on the platform is a big deal! As a minnow it's hard to earn anything around here especially as more people come on board and in some ways makes good content and good people discovery harder.

With this I can give back to the community that supports me. I can make bid bots more expensive to use as I put it on content I think is good. I can get exposure to new accounts. And because of bid bots the whole thing is economically sustainable. It's a good system!


At first I was looking for silly or serious, mild erotica or love stories to match the Lovejuice theme, but now I'm ok with just about any type of content.
(Within reason! Nothing malicious or hardcore! As I've stated before if you're crying because you're ashamed and also still fapping to it there's no way we're gonna post it!)
Take a look at the @lovejuice page and check out the posts titled "Lovejuice Minnow Promotion" to get an idea of what others have posted.


I don't want to undersell the promotional aspect of this. You're name goes out to 1600 people while getting paid. As a minnow the single most important thing you can get is a resteem of your work. This is similar. It's not quite as good as a resteem, but I"M PAYING YOU TO POST!!!

What about other languages?

I'm hoping to build community while here. If English isn't your first language that's ok. Put the post in your language and we can try to hack something together using Google Translate to get an English version up underneath your primary language post.

The Process

Send your original text and photo(s), preferably using https://hackmd.io, to @isaria in the Palnet Discord

Do not send an already published Steemit post or copied content that you have already published on Steemit!

If approved, she will post it through the @lovejuice page and you will receive 20 USD worth of Steem or SBD!

Payments are sent every Sunday.
There is currently a 2 week waiting list, but if we get enough submissions we may be able to post 2 a day.

Shameful Love Plugs

  1. This is a bidbot. If you like the service to minnows this bot is providing please use this bot. Send a transfer note to @lovejuice with a minimum of 0.1SBD or 0.1Steem. Use the steembottracker.com website to make sure you're bidding at a good time for a good amount of money.

  2. Because I'm often hitting these posts with bidbots worth anywhere from 50-250 in post rewards it's actually a pretty good curation investment. Right now there are only 20-40 people that are catching the curation bonus of 50SBD in bought votes. Consider actually voting on these minnow posts selfishly for that reason, but also community wise because it will help us expand this out to more users.

  3. If you'd ever like to get some of the benefit of running a bidbot, but don't have the technical means to do it please check out @msp-bidbot. Every comment it leaves can teach you how to delegate a some steem to that bot and then collect money every day. If this is the game it's important to me that we all have a level playing field.

I authored this on mspsteem.com

The Minnow Support Project have put together 2 alternate websites to steemit.com. One is mspsteem.com, which is run by @netuoso. The other is gosteem.com, which is managed by @followbtcnews, @drakos, and @crimsonclad. mspsteem has a 5% beneficiary to @minnowsupport, so when people come into our Discord channel Palnet and use the upvote bot it gets stronger over time. It's crucial to have these because every now and again Steemit.com is slow or not viewable and it's important that we can provide an alternative site.

We can see the keys that you use when you do this. So, you're trusting the witnesses not to steal your money just like you're trusting Steemit not to steal your money when you log into their site. We always encourage you to use your private posting key and your active key as opposed to your master password when logging in anywhere. If you don't know the difference come ask some folks in PALnet.


Carry on with passion, step will be next target

Yay, I made it on there! Getting $20 for writing a poem for @lovejuice is way easier than what I do at the truck stops to get $20. Thanks for the promotion!

Damn, I'm a member of MSP for more than a week now, yet I'm totally unaware of Lovejuice Minnow Promotion. This is embarrassing, I feel like I'm living under a rock or something... Anyway I'll be following this and maybe post a story of my own, if I get an inspiration that is. @aggroed thank you so much for creating MSP it's a great help for minnows like me, please continue supporting the little fishes so that we have the chance to grow in the future. Thanks again and have a nice day.

glad to help you get started.

Amazing and tremendous post @aggroed.

Thanks for sharing this post.😊

Have a wonderful day!!

I'm gonna post right away.
Thanks @aggroed
Good job
God bless you.

Wow, this is a nice initiative. Is there a deadline for this? I think I would not want to weitere something semi good but it will Take a bit of time.

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my spelling mistake was purposeful, since i could have changed it and chose not to. i even wrote a disclaimer, so....artistic license. yours had no disclaimer. cwidt? :P

That;s really interesting. I will definitely be more motivated to write. Thanks @aggroed :)

@aggroed Thanks for your huge contributions to make Steem the great place to be

good post shareing....
you are great bosss....
it's important to [email protected] family member that we all have a level playing field.

You make a great decision for your panel, also i try out to go your bidbot @aggroed

Thank you for your participation
Published at the top of the tender is always brilliant sir

Thanks @aggroed! That sounds awesome, i think about to start posting. At the moment i just enjoy the Posts and comment it. I think your minnow would help to get a good Start on steemit. UPVOTE !

Thank you very much my dear @aggroed for sharing with us . have a nice day.

@aggroed. Am ready to make some steems, thanks for the opportunity. Jah bless.

@aggroed I watched your interview with @jerrybanfield and honestly I was on the fence on joining SteemIt until that interview. The way you spoke of helping other struck a cord with me. I was put on this earth to serve others or help others if those words are more accepted. Knowing there are people on SteemIt that have that mindset makes me feel at home. Thanks to you I am now one of the minnows on here trying to figure it all out...I will...then I will pay it forward, Thank You!

may be i reasteam your post

good post!!
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Lovely.. I think I'll try this

Thanks for this project that helps minnows grow as well as inspires people to create great content. Submitting mine right away.

This post has received a 16.69 % upvote from @aksdwi thanks to: @aggroed.

great contest, thanks for this news..

Upvote me,,,

I am very supportive. thank you very much for sharing

not how it works...

It's ok I know but I was trying to send it to @isaria. my apology.

You got a 13.19% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @aggroed!

Great initiative taken by you @aggroed. This will enhance the confidence level of the new comers like me.

Amazing thing, Steem On!

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wow!amazing post @aggroed, Lovely Lovely

I know how i sound but i haven't understood the @isaria we are sharing the post with. Am in the pal discord service, can't find isaria.
Need some help thanks

i must celebrate [email protected] for the tremendous job you are doing the steemit community,you are really a blessing to the young steemians,i swear i cant miss out on this opportunity,let me not too wordy,lemmi just rush and make my post

Wonderful! If I can figure out how to post that way I'm definitely in. What a wonderful thing to add to this community 💓 thank you for all you do

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 9.74% vote... I was summoned by @aggroed! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

I appreciate you very much and I want to vote for you as a witness. How can I do that?

Thank you for this @agroed

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its a great chance to get seen....

Super interesting promo @aggroed thanks for tips🗯

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Hey Dear What is the private posting key?
I am gonna post right away. Thanks for offer this. @aggroed

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Not only can self promotion get you flagged, leaving revealing or suggestive images may not be appreciated by the community.

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