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This is just a cool cover art of a track by lauv, 'Paris in the rain'. It was gotten from Wikipedia, has nothing to do with the post.

5 things I love

  • Bible: It's a crazy world we live in, only way to stay sane is through the world of God.
  • Music: gives me inspiration, serves as mood inducer to me. Put me in the right mood I need to be to perform a particular task.
  • My Phone: My perfect companion
  • Love: Not the butterflies in the stomach kind of love, practical love not feelings.
  • Cuddle: I can't help it, I just want you to lie on me and tell me how your day went?

5 things to shove

  • Noise: I can't concentrate with so much noise, can't hear myself.
  • Lies: But why?
  • Poke nosing
  • Band wagon: I prefer standing alone or sitting.
  • A 'normal' life

The rules are:
● List five things that you love
● List five things that you really dislike
● Use the tag #loveitshoveit

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All I have to do is use the tag?

just amazing for me great work following you.the way you explained about each and every item is awesome.


Hi, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. You can write yours too.


How do I get involved?


Yeah, I love it.