How are we supposed to figure out the truth.

in #love3 years ago

We are only who we are.  We cannot be any more or less.  So I will only talk about myself. 

The most honest thing I ever professed is that I am a liar. 

The smartest thing I ever said is that I am a moron. 

The most humble thought I have ever had, is that I have no idea what humility feels like. 

How do I place myself in the world. 

how do I trust.  

Who is  GOD as I perceive it.

The weird part is that I am happy,  and I am at peace with who I am, even though I can't describe that entity. 

And so I love.  Without understanding.  

You and I cannot help but follow natural law.  We cannot be "in-natural", no matter what. 

Peace and goodwill. 


If you get lucky and live until at least 60, you'll make the systhesis of your life and probably find all the answers to these questions, @windrockswater.

To be who we are is to be becoming. LOL

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