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Moved by this letter to your mom. Got chills a couple of times while reading. Probably the most important thing in that storage locker were those five letters from your mom, what a freaking shame. I was fortunate enough to have both of my parents around well into my 50's and that was not long enough. They say time heals all, and to some degree that is true. I know one thing, as time passes we tend to miss our loved ones even more, with fond memories daily flashing into our conscious. Your mother left this place way to early and that could not have been easy.
In reading @puravidaville 's reply, I would have to agree with her, your mom raised a good man. A compassionate guy, with a helping hand always extended, a man tough enough to overcome the obstacles put in front of him, and a gentleman who isn't afraid to express his true feelings, and shed a tear. As #farm-mom pointed out in her last #fff post, real men do eat QUICHE, and real men do Cry.

Great pic at the end of this letter to your Mom.


My man! It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. When you’re silent it... well, what it does is.. sucks! That farm must have you super busy these days because you’re not too active on the platform—good for you! You must have enough syrup to to feed an entire colony.

About the time thing, I’m sure you’re right. The only thing I’ve been able to say about time is “it gets easier.” I don’t know about ‘better’ or ‘goes away’ or any of that, I guess only time will tell but, from what I’ve learned, it does get easier.

Thanks for acknowledging that little infant boy in the end, Rob, that same guy is typing to you right now—thanks for noticing. Did you notice how I didn’t attach my signature or any promotional links or anything? I don’t think she would’ve cared to see those things in a letter addressed to her, what do you think? Thanks for always being so supportive, sir, I really appreciate it!

I really need to do something about my voting strength, I seem to have run my VP all the way down this week with my new experiment. I’m trying to post an article every day of the week this week so I can get that badge from steemit-board—I’m three for three! 4 to go!

Thanks for stopping by @thebigsweed.

Thanks for being you @dandays. It's a pleasure to see a guy that isn't afraid to express his emotions, rather than put on that macho and stoic front.
I will be looking for your daily post. Will one of them be as curator for #artzone , I really enjoyed kicking up the ones you mentioned.
Have a great weekend @dandays.

Negative, I’m only doing ArtzOne in Thursday’s which are articles I curate between Sunday and Thursday and that’s a different account altogether. These 7 days will all be from the dandays account—thanks a lot for keeping an eye out for me, Sweed! It means a lot.

What’s on the agenda at the ranch today? In case it requires a long winded response, you should know, I’m not scared. 😉

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