Some strange truth about love

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Do you know that if you look first or love only you can fall in love with a stranger? Or do you know why women do not like the eyes of other women towards your boyfriend / husband? Actually, we do not know much about love love.

Though love is not from the heart but comes from the brain, our heart is weirdly involved with it. Want to know something strange about strange love? Let's see, let us see today's features. Let's know about some strange psychological matter about love.


Women prefer laughable men because of that

Everyone knows that women like men who are very laughable but why? There is a sense of humor and humor in the sense of intelligence and honesty. For this reason, women like laughing and humorous men prefer more than men.

People fall in love with the sunny people

Studies show that people generally fall in love with someone who is very smiling and likes to live happily. The reason for this being a sunny is that it is a very touchy type.

Girls do not like to see any other girl looking at her boyfriend or husband

Do you know why girls are more jealous when looking at a girl or a girl on her own? Because, psychologists say women find a man more attractive when other women look at him.

Each one comes at least 1 time breakdown

Each occurs about 1 times when the relationship lasts for 3 months or 6 months. If you can fix this mutation, then it will be long-term or otherwise there are two different ways.


The heart-breaking thing is physically true

Many people have fun with the issue of 'breaking the heart'. But really, but the heart breaks and breaks. Studies show that breaking away from a person with a divorce or love creates severe inflammation and pain in the heart. The doctors named it Broken Heart Syndrome.

At first glance, love is truly real

If you look at love and look at someone first, it is really about reading in love. Psychologists say that looking at someone constantly or feeling very attracted to the first shows our brain work. When we look at someone with a lot of interest, a body called 'phenylthalmine' is released in our body, which is why our brain is attracted to it.


The fact of concealment of the mind is correct,

The fact of being hidden behind the eye is also true. Psychologists say that we are only attracted to a person when it is very close to a lot of time. Someone has an influence in front of the eye every day and the physical side which removes much of the distance.

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