A True History of The Garden of Eden, Part 17

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I am one of thousands of people affected by @quinneaker's visionary community the @gardenofeden. As we clean and organize in preparation for a big move towards Eden 2.0, it's time to let go of my own incredible history here:

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Part 17 👇🏽

I spent my first volatile year at the @gardenofeden sustainable community stuck in trauma and drama with an ex, but by the end of it I'd learned the necessity of taking responsibility for my own experience.

If I was unhappy, there was no one to blame but myself.

I started my second year with plenty of blame, shame, guilt, doubt, fear, and judgment, but I had hope that a better way was possible.

"Anything is possible! It really is possible! You can actually live the most awesome life you can imagine!" @quinneaker is a champion for change and evolution, and I wanted to believe him.

In fact, leveling up was the only way I could think to repay him for the countless hours of wisdom and support he provided during my darkest days - the very inspiration I needed to let go of abuse and heal my wounds.

So when he invited me once again to attend the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show as part of the GOE crew, I was thrilled for the opportunity to prove myself.

He asked me and my ex to attend the year prior too, which we did - and fought the whole time to the point we were almost no help at all to the team. Total failure, and so embarrassing that I actually stayed away from the @gardenofeden for a spell after that.

But like so many of my other blunders, Quinn not only forgave me but offered me a chance at redemption.

As year 2 heated up, we were off to the desert!

For anyone who has never been, I highly recommend the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show! It's a 2 week event that takes over 40+ venues across the Arizona city, with epic stone and crystal specimens from around the world on display. Jewelry makers, miners, wholesalers, energy workers, models, musicians, and artists come to the crossroads from across the globe to showcase their wares, wheel and deal and barter and trade, network, and stock up on inventory for their entire years' business.

Massive quartz crystals and amethyst geodes.

The people are interesting, the gems and minerals are unreal, and there are concerts and art shows and parties galore.

The first year I joined that adventure, we offered catering by donation to the vendors through a service we called Mobile Mouthgasms. It was a great plan! We made epic food and blew people away, and the @gardenofeden succeeded, but I grossly underperformed. I can only imagine how much better we would have done had I actually contributed and been of real service rather than squandering my energies in conflict and running away...

Thanks god I was given the chance to find out! There's no such thing as failure if you learn from the mistakes.

The second year, we set up not one but TWO healing vortices in a few of the main venues, offering massage, Reiki, sound healing, health supplements, and medicinal jewelry to vendors and attendees alike by donation towards the @gardenofeden's humanitarian outreach.

It was great fun! Nine of us slept in a cozy travel trailer designed for 4. We woke early every day, drank delicious coffee, packed a yummy homemade lunch, and headed off to "work" - our silk draped copper pyramid and show booth decorated like a dreamy casbah, with massage tables and chairs, didgeridoos and drums. Then we waited for people who needed healing to swing through.

Sound healing with crystal bowls and voice activation.

We got tons of coffee donations during our project, starting our mornings off on the right foot.

We provided therapies for 8 hours, wrapped it up, and headed to other venues with a mobile set up, providing short head, neck, and shoulder massages for vendors who generally stood on their feet for 14-18 hours a day, many of them on concrete. On many days we collected food donations from local stores and passed out the abundance to the pilgrims and travelers camping throughout the city as well.

The Man is in service to anyone and everyone wherever he goes, I shit you not.

I was happy and thankful to not only be included, but to be reliable and capable. Having learned many healing modalities from my travels throughout the world, I had valuable skills to contribute.

Healing touch and alternative medicine are a vital aspect of my purpose in life. I learned about energetic work and plant medicine years after my sister died of complications from chemotherapy; I am certain my journey led me to and through some super weird shit to share real options for healthcare with others.

During a great mushroom journey once, I had a vision of the Cosmic Male and Cosmic Female side by side, mirroring each other's move in the creation of existence. When we went to Tucson I saw the exact same vision painted on the side of the Galactic Center artspace. What a Universe!

And finally I had arrived at a point where I deeply recognized the importance of healing myself too. I finally had significant light shining on the darkest parts of myself, more energy flowing through parts long forgotten, more of my subconscious brought to awareness. My deepest wounds were finally on the mend.

I was full of gratitude out there in the desert! I gave thanks that Quinn gave me another chance, I gave thanks for being a completely different person than I was the year before, and I gave thanks that I had deeper healing powers than ever to share with people in need. I gave thanks to practice them all day, every day. I gave thanks for the love and beauty that surrounded me. I gave thanks that I had received so much and that I had something worthwhile to give.

And with my mind and body focused on unlimited healing, on service, on paying forward all the grace I had experienced, every day was better and better.

Do you want to know why I live at the @gardenofeden?

Join me in the next post, and let's share real love.

Part 18

✨💛✨ Sara!

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That was indeed an epic adventure. Truly extraordinary the life we have lived.
You really were a complete loss that first year.
So glad u stepped it up. Great to have u on the team now!


THANK YOU for giving me so many chances! You are my inspiration to keep getting better 🙏🏼

OMG What a great experience it is to provide service at the Gem and Mineral Show. It is incredible the difference of your engagement between your first and second year there. Complete opposites!

What fun we had together your second year, spending all day together providing health and healing to others. Giving non-stop free massages was such a great experience--surprised so many that there really was no charge opened a lot eyes! Grateful to have experienced it with you and so many more engaging opportunities since. Glad you came back to your senses! lol. Thank god for Sara!

Looks like an interesting show. Finally caught up, wonderful series. ❤️


So glad you are enjoying it @linnyplant! I'm really happy to share this story 💛

Hello @saramiller, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!