The shit that's come out in the last couple years is freaking incredible.

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I'm taking a break from posting my music videos and philosophical words to just express how my mind is absolutely blown. The blockchain and all the Dapps, social platforms, and exchanges that have been birthed in the last year and a little more is freaking unbelievable. It amazes me how many people are still clinging to social networks that have used its users to make billions of dollars, yet not share it. Slowly but surely there isn't a doubt in my mind people will heavily gravitate towards all these amazing new programs. Most of these programs in many cases offering economic incentives to just simply take part by being an active user or even further a content creator.
Blockchain aside the amazing technological advancements that are going to elevate humanity to an insane global standard of living is just simply amazing. The technological singularity is approaching almost at the speed of light now. I try to keep up with it all, and consider myself to be a tech geek and rather skilled but I am no where near understanding to the level others are, and the younger generations that will come next growing up knowing nothing else.
Back to the blockchain I am really loving and appreciating an active and open policy of being a positive community who supports each and doesn't act or tolerate toxic asshole behaviour. That I think is the most important quality of this new age.
The greatest philosophy of most the people of the blockchain is its decentralization. Finally building a democratic system that is beneficial to all and not just a small cabal. In fact making it impossible. Nurturing a free market to thrive with an open source openness that leaves the truth to be told.

Share, Love, be loved, create and teach other.

Here is a list of all the wonderful programs I am using and look forward to seeing evolve over the next decade or more.

Pool Together

It may appear to be daunting at first glance but the more you read and learn the more sense it makes. The more beautiful it is. The more hopeful the future is looking!