A Teenagers Love...A True CYBER Love Story

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Story title # She is getting mad .....!

Age Seventeen Years a few months of Education Higher Secondary Examination ... Resident of a Metropolis .... Call on the name that you feel fit .... But the character of this true story is a living face of modern society. It is ... which shows that some evils are being spreading in the society ... with the latest technology, all the good! Girl's father serves a public sector, a little brother from a girl who will be twelve thirteen years old ... Maa .. Until now, six months ago, there was a common family living peacefully ... The girl was also one To see the girl as simple as usual, to see .. go to the good English medium school of the city ... attaching your coaching class to a tuition ... a normal routine .....! But when his life took a turn ... it does not know anyone .... But first of all, his mother only got some idea when it took time for the mobile to take some time ... but they did not have much time After explanation was extinguished .... time wastage of time ..... When there was no improvement, they withdrew the mobile from the girl ...! After some time Ma took care of them, they felt that some rupees from the house started disappearing ... their gold chain disappeared, whose price would have been around thirty thousand ... but she never had her children But I did not suspect, if the thought of repairs is going on in the house, then a laborer or a woman with a job will have a hand ... but it is only after the story is opened that they are able to get the price .... ! When one day a girl got caught near the girl who had bought it secretly from house to house ... After this, her father beat the girl for the second time in her life because she was more than her boy. Love ...! When some search was done, some love letters were also caught from his room .... who did not come from their home address but were asked for any address ... when the address was searched So that address came out of a cyber cafe..When the girl's father was threatened by the police for the café, she told that ... the girl used to chant while sitting on the six-six-hour café in the day ....! After this, the girl's parents contacted her school and found out that the girl has not been too regular in school ... whose notice was sent to her house..but no reply was received .. Dasaral ... The girl had given all the notices to the house when he was coming home ... and he did not even attend any coaching class .... Now in the same condition, like every parents, his land came out of the loo .... Mobile too girl This time, when the parents came to the data on the girl's revolt this time ... the girl stopped eating and drinking ... and on the other hand, all the people left the food for her. Just lying on the bed throughout the day ... Whenever her mother tries to sleep in the night ... then she screams and wakes them up .... she says that you have lost my life So, I will also eat the people's food and drink ... neither will you eat nor you eat the people He will not sleep ... nor will he give up sleeping ... until he also threw the copy of his younger brother's books ... ... this silence continues till today .... the happiness of the whole family Chan has become silent ... He is not talking to anyone or anyone is listening to anyone ....! On the basis of what a little girl has told ... the boy is not of his city, he is from another city, so that he came in contact with Net through him. Now the parents have come here But if he calls the boy, he will think about the marriage after meeting him once ... but the girl does not have faith in her word .... she is going crazy ... ! I am not able to understand that it is an illusion of love or a madman of a foolish age ..... who is humiliating humiliating love for the love of seventeen years of his parents. With the love of brother and sister pushing into the trunk .... In today's time, with the rest of the things, the meaning of love has changed.


Wow, that's cool. Thanks.

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