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RE: A farewell to you all and a Poem to You Friends and to My Love

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Brian, Lynne and I have become good friends. Simply, she is the most likeable person on the blockchain. I call her Steemit's Homecoming Queen. There will be many swords that will draw to protect her in your absence. Mine will be one.

I too am a poet and have tutored many in the art. Many people believe that poetry is about the mechanics: Meter, rhythm and rhyme. But as I have repeatedly written, such literary techniques are but tools that force-multiply that which underlies: An idea, ideal or insight ... and, anything times zero, is still zero.

As I read your poems, I was struck by the sincerity of the sentiment. Your tribute to Lynn is a Force of Will, a concentration of conviction so intense that it becomes palpable.

Lynne is a lucky gal ... and you are a lucky guy.



Thank you so much. I am so tired this week trying to be happy for Lynn's family Thanksgiving. I will reach out soon. Much love and hugs my friend