People are more important than ideas (video/podcast)

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If you are passionate about something, it's normal to speak out about it, and as a consequence, you can find yourself in debates or heated discussions in what would otherwise be polite company. In the worst case scenario, you might even get carried away, start talking over your companions or even calling them names.

In the heat of the moment, defending a humanitarian ideal, you might forget that there are humans right in front of you, with whom you have the opportunity to make a real human connection. The real tragedy is when you allow your political beliefs to interfere with your friendships, sacrificing something real and present for something abstract and distant. It can even tear families apart, and it can even be used deliberately by powerful people to do so - separating Republicans from Democrats, Labor from Liberal, ancoms from ancaps, Venezuelans who wear 7 stars from those who wear 8 stars.

After a bit of travelling, my friend David Robison wrote: "Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE whom I have talked with is willing to have a conversation. Left, right, up, down, doesn't matter. If you simply approach them and demonstrate basic levels of respect as a human being they will sit with you and share their ideas, thoughts, concerns. All they want is to be UNDERSTOOD. You don't have to agree, they just want to explain where they're coming from and they want you to understand it."

Understanding and being understood are things that are always available to us. Real human connection is always available to us. Feel free to debate, be controversial and contradict. But remember that we all want similar things - to be comfortable, to be understood, to be loved.

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I will definitely be checking out the podcast. And will be following both of you.

I started mine for the pretty much the same reason. The long form conversations I have with people needed to be recorded.

So far I haven't had that many guests on my show, but the ideas and opinions I share got their start somewhere in a conversation with a stranger or over a drink/smoke.


It's remarkable how often I meet people and think, the world needs to hear this. And sometimes the world gets to hear it. Good luck with your project!


Thank you, you too!

The amount of unreleased recordings from long car rides I've taken could be a show all on its own.

Was just thinking about this. Ideas can be great, but it's always important to remember that we never have perfect information or a perfect language with which to express our ideas and beliefs. But expressing respect and willingness to listen doesn't require perfect language. And it goes much further sometimes in getting people to understand where you're coming from than frustrated and imperfect logic.

We all want to make ourself good in our own way.... the way may be different but everyone want to b one generally want hatred from others...

People are more important than Ideas. I like it :)
I believe that we should look at our selfs as artists and not as art, every Idea can be temporary and as artists, we should understand its dynamic.

Please check my new post, I think you will like it!

Thanks for sharing this because it gave me a new perspective!!

It took me way too long to understand this. I wish I'd known a long time ago.