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Oh, by all probability, I've never met you. And I probably never will. And maybe there are very good reasons why I shouldn't love you. But… じゃ、多分合わなかったと、多分未来に会うことをしない。それも、あなたに愛する理由があるかどうか、ワカンナイ。それけど。。。

I won't go into details for privacy reasons, but suffice it to say that I've had a couple of scares recently that have left me appreciating the good people in life. The people who work hard to take care of their friends and family, and yet would not hesitate to do what they can to help a perfect stranger if they seemed decent enough. I love you for that. プライバシーな理由のために特定なことを言わないけど、最近に怖いなことがさせていたので、生活のいい人を思っています。友達と家族にいつも扱っていて、知らない人も手伝っている、そのような人が、愛している。

I love those of you who create; whether that be novels, or technical documentation, or radio transmission towers, or computer code. I love you if you reject, or at least question, destruction. 小説や文書化や放送タワーやソフトコードやなんでもを作る人に愛している。何かを壊すのを嫌い人に愛している。

I love you when you leave a tip for your server at a restaurant. I love you when you donate books or DVDs or clothing to a charity second-hand shop. I love you when you keep the noise down when you stay at a motel so as not to bother your neighbors. I love you when you put the smartphone down and stop texting once the light turns green. アメリカにあるレストランにウエイターにチップを上げる時、本やDVDや服などをチャリティー中古品屋に施す時、ホテルに泊まると隣の人のために静かに守る時、信号が青いになれてスマホーをやめる時、愛してる。

And as far as Christians go, I love those of you that recognize that Jesus was the type to speak up for the freaks and outcasts, and to turn His back on the supposed wise and powerful - the same ones who would eventually kill Him. キリスト教徒なら、イエスは変な人や落伍者と手伝って、えらいと強い人を無視したのを覚える人に愛している。そのえらいと強いひとはついにイエスを殺害されました。

Please pass the love around! 誰かにも愛してて下さい!

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I love you too since your nickname is nocturnal and I can appreciate don't stop believing on a midnight train


Hold on to that feeheeeelin'
Streetlights, people, oh oh ahhhhhhhhhhh


Don't stop believing HOOOLLD ON to That FEELING
It goes on and on and on and on

The world needs these kinds of messages, but not many are willing to stop long enough to read or kisten.