Response to Paul Joseph Watson Video

in #love4 years ago

My response

Paul are you in a long term stable relationship or are you married? Are you a victim of this "mental illness" (term you used) also or are you above it?

Another side to this debate can be, dating apps can give adults a better chance of finding a suitable mate, instead of dating someone just because they lived down the road, which happened 1 generation ago in Ireland. Let's say I didn't have sex before marriage (like a true Catholic) and get married to someone who can't satisfy me sexually or vice versa. What should I do? If there are a billion suitable mates over the age of consent in the world, it's difficult to believe that person is made for me.

Don't get me wrong I agree that choice can change people's wiring in their brain to always go for something better and be disappointed if they can't get it, never satisfied and treat another person as a piece of meat instead of a human being but Tinder, other dating apps or Dms on Insta/FB, gives people a freer market for dating. And there is nothing better than a free market.

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