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RE: REPOST 1/10: Why I don't wear a wedding ring - philosophy and advice for my children

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I agree whole heartily @one-tree.

Only after we got married etc.. did we find out about how the huge craze started over the "engagement" rings.. its completely insane.

If a person or loved one does feel like spoiling one another with some "ice" it should just be because they are in a financial position to do so and not simply to "label you".

Lots of love to you,

I hope you are not having as crazy week as I am!


Oh no! I hope things calm down soon. I did have a very stressful issue with my Bitcoin wallet today and after 3 long hours learnt something new! On another note, the value of diamonds is also a social construct used to enrich certain individuals. Add that to the issue of blood diamonds and you have a very murky grey area.

jip. it's not right.

I hope your Bitcoin issue is sorted today.

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