Love Is Beautiful (Part 1)

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How does the wife sit in the house?

Sari-jewelry after sitting with a one-handed veil, looks beautiful like TV.

It is not.
Nuri, but today's bus night. This is a word of the word. When the night of the house everyone thinks? Today's Heaving Sex !!

What a shame!
Nuri's father-in-law has gone home at 8:00. So that brother who saw his marriage, is doing video, churna can not enter the door by closing the door.
But the video is being !! Well, if the chorus can not enter, then who will show the video? Not Aijib? !!

Nuri was curious what video? How did you do
Today is the experience.
Does this? He is ...

Change the necklace once.
Once said salute to the leg.
Once said, eat a sourbat eat a glass of glass.
Oma !! It is necessary to sit on the bed and say that it will be sitting on the neck.
Is it any word ?!
Will this video be uploaded?
Shame can be saved?

What will everyone say? O Allah! Nuri or Arrange is doing a Bia. Woh Ho Top Class Beautiful now uploads the video of the sex of the Heaven. Link to the link ?!

As much as the fad work.

What time is it now?
Night at 11am. Songs for this night, Mianishu - I am awake for a night, I have been waiting for the night !!!
My feet. !!

And the husband is not worthless.
Where is the news that no one has escaped.

Nuri is wearing a simple sari. Open the enamel and lift the makeup and sit on the sofa and sit and sit on the floor.
All of the wedding guests tiered.
The husband is not the boy.
So the nuri can not sleep.
C is waiting for rate husband
Nuri sits down to sit down and starts to call nose to the house. Fusosasas .... homes ... phosas ....

-Hello, hello.

This, who is talking on the phone?
Nuri looks around.
Oma !! What is the height of the door in the corner ?! God has got me.

For sure, you're sleeping.
Where were you?
-We mean that ...
-Did you kill? Why do not you talk about these things to me?
-He's here.
I do not want to chase. I'm frustrated.
Here, sit down here. Night at night 12: 30. Ijka forgot our bus night?
Do not forget

  • Stay in bed.
    -What ?!
    -Arb !! Let's sit in bed. What to do?
    I come a little?

Anik shows the bathroom.

-That's not big?

  • Dewiite.
    -Whhhhhh !!! Come early.

Anik goes to the bathroom to overcome the obstacles.

Will this dancer girl end up today's respect?

What happens if that happens in the room due to late?
Anyone pray ... Allah save me, please

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