Do you think it is right for parents to choose a wife for their son?

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Life is a choice, whether you want to be happy or difficult, it depends on the individual who runs it. In married life, of course there are rules and responsibilities, especially the head of the family. the role of parents here is to educate their children by providing religious education and school education. and children, of course, must follow the rules and obey all orders from parents as long as they are still in the truth.

About actual life choices, the absolute decision is on children, parents only need to be told to give them blessings. Is not someone who wants to build a household, already has maturity in all things, meaning that it is no longer a child who must be guarded. so he already knows what is good and not, for that in this case I feel the decision is absolute on the child. the role of parents here only bless and help the child to continue the relationship that will be fostered later

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