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Pressing Issue

I know I'm going in a different direction with this post than I've ever gone before. Usually, I write about writing and publishing. However, the #MeToo movement has been such a hot topic since the end of last year. A story that I heard inspired me to finally write down my thoughts on sexual harassment​ and the magnitude of it.

Everyday Hero

Let's say his name is George (the hero wants to remain anonymous). George is someone I'm very close to. You don't need to know the details of his life because his actions are the focal point of this story. George went off to work one morning. The scene of work: outside someone's home. He heard scuffling coming from the side of the house. A man had taken a woman by force and was attempting to rape her.

Choice of the Day

Two things: 1) George could have been scared to engage and turned a blind eye. 2) George could do something about it. George chose to do the latter. He told the guy to stop and leave the girl alone. Then the attacker had the audacity to throw a punch at George! A black eye bloomed. Adrenaline kicking in, George threw several punches until the attacker was unable to carry out his sick plans.

Mama Bear Pride

When my husband told me George's story, my heart swelled with pride. I messaged George and told him so. I was thinking that I would want my sons to be just as brave in defending those who need help.

The Next Step

Awareness of a problem is a huge step to solving one. The #MeToo movement has been instrumental in banding men and women together in sharing their stories, in showing we are not alone.

What's the next step? How do we solve this problem? We need to get to the root. Curing the symptoms doesn't cure the disease. The answer is so simple and perhaps the hardest to execute because it requires selflessness.

The Answer

We need to love others just as much as we love ourselves, even more. Let this be our anthem! Ingraining this principle within our minds will make it manifest in our lives.

  1. What we can do: Just like George, we might find ourselves to be witnesses of sexual harassment. Do we give into fear, just retreat into our own bubble, and pretend we never saw anything? Or do we bravely defend those who may not be able to defend themselves? Do we use our voices to be the voice for those who may not be able or are afraid to speak? If we truly love our fellow man, we will act and do something. We will trumpet Justice.

  2. For any of you who have been tempted to take advantage of others, set aside your selfish desires. Don't give in to what you want at the expense of others. Be brave by walking in a new direction and love and respect those around you. If you already have, forgiveness is possible. Second chances can happen.

  3. In addition to being heralds​ of Justice, we need to live our everyday lives, loving and respecting those around us in all the big and small ways. Let us be examples to everyone around us, not so that we can be complimented on how wonderful we are but so that the spirit of loving others will grow beyond ourselves, beyond​ our community, and out into the world. That is how we're going to change the world.


This is a wonderful post. We really need to love others just the way we love ourselves. If we love others we will not think of harassing them sexually not to talk of carrying it out. Just like George we need to act positively whenever we see a person harassing or trying to harass the opposite sex especially young girls. Thanks for sharing

Thanks, @nellyprecy! Let's spread the love!

wow wonderful post, it's funny a business deal came up a few days ago and a guy in my mentor-ship had been working with a close friend for the first time and they were going to the deal together but the friend took advantage of the situation and bought the house without his partner wanted to take his deal and make all the gains alone. but after paying for it he finds out the roof is complete ruined... now he has to pay to fix it and the deal went completely south and my guy in my mentor-ship said he was going to pay for the building inspection but didn't and saved himself from the deal and inspection cost. To sum it all up, never take advantage of ppl. love your post I will upvote and resteem.

Thanks, @andrejmcclendon! Crazy story! You reap what you sow.

thx! thats why do upon others as you do to yourself. but hey its funny cuz it was a horrible deal lol

Great thoughts Leah! This is very inspiring. It's reassuring to know that there are still men out there who will stand up and do something when faced with intolerable situations like this. It's good to empower men rather than emasculating them and telling them that they are all the perpetrators. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.