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RE: A farewell to you all and a Poem to You Friends and to My Love

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Just reading your story for first time, my prayers are with you and your loved ones. I have no idea what you are dealing with, curious, have you tried a rick simpson cbd oil regiment? At the level for incinerating cancer cells?

I've been helping people get access to these organic medicines.... there are many support groups out there. One is actually on facebook, called Cannabis Oil Success Stories, there are two or three pages same name, it's the one with 172,000 more people on that platform... there are stories of people in there 80's and 90's trying these treatments and completely turning their health around. If you are open to more information/product contact me at [email protected]

In my 20's I had a boyfriend, that had testicular cancer that had spread to his entire lymphatic system, kidneys etc. I started the journey then about learning about cancer and the history of the AMA.... and Dr. Hoxie..

His process took him to delete trauma frequencies with hypnosis, he did some chemo, almost killed him, shrunk all his tumors and such but kept coming back because there was deeper trauma frequencies from childhood dominant in his limbic system.. When those were accessed they can be deleted like a software update in a computer. These frequencies hold in the cells and destroy healthy cells. So, once he cleared those traumas, by observing them, his body deleted them and it never came back. In my experience, this part of any dis ease must be looked at, and seek assistance from QHHT practitioners or other hypnotherapy modalities.

For many it can be environment, exposed to heavy metals, elf waves, all the microwaves and frequencies we are bombarded with just walking into a grocery store. Some of the most extensive research I found early on was a book called "cure for all cancers" by Dr. Hulda Clark... she's a bit extreme in the parasite cleanse, but proves how the presence of isopropylin glycol and many derivatives from that can create a medium in which parasites can multiply by the thousands in the liver in a 48 hour period, these types of parasites co-exist with us for millennia, however, when they are out of control and multiplying in the organs, cancer spreads fast wherever weak area of body is. Her cleanse is a life changer for anyone wanting to "change their oil" in there body. We spend how much money changing the oil in our cars every year? Our liver/kidney could use some maintenance as well.

I have the utmost high intention for you and your healing, and I sense this is not the end, but a beginning for you. You are in a beautiful place and vibration and am so happy for you to have experienced deep love with your partner this lifetime..
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