How changing a couple simple words can change your life!

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"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will."

Chances are, many of you have heard this saying before, known as the law of Thelema, as written in The Book of the Law, by Aleister Crowley. This reference to "will" is not meant to read that the whole law is to do whatever you want. The term will refers to each one's True Will, ultimate spiritual truth or quintessence, the core of why you are here in this incarnate form.

For many years, I have felt a connection with Thelema, and when I lived in Portland before I started traveling I would go and attend Gnostic Mass at the local O.T.O. temple every so often. The practices, ceremonies, and literature covers a wide range of magics & schools of thought, but is all anchored in a deep level of sovereignty & individual responsibility. The one piece that really grated on me sometimes was that final piece of "the law": " under will"

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This final piece always felt like it was creating a sort of hierarchy of importance, with will being more important than love. Since my own findings & feelings have lead me to find that love is the most important factor in this world, the idea of love being subsidiary really just didn't drive. At this past weekend's Aphrodite Temple, the anchor for the group (the one who holds space, grounds everyone, and maintains balance), was actually the lodge master for the local O.T.O., and at one point while sitting in circle someone brought up will, to which I heard her breathe:

"Do what though wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love is the foundation for will"


Mind blown. Hearing this slightly different version was a game-changer for me. Of course, love is under will in a literal sense, just like the foundation of your house is under the house itself. So small a difference, but I immediately had floods of insight & rememberings, and knew why I had felt so called to begin attending Mass again, but hadn't been ready yet. With this clearer, more aligned innerstanding of what the law means, I am opening up to all sorts of knowledge & magick that this particular way of being has to offer.

This isn't necessarily me promoting this school of thought or anything, but simply exploring my own interests and what has stopped me from diving deeper down this particular rabbit hole. Over the coming months, as I anchor into Portland, I plan on making the weekly Gnostic Mass part of my routine.

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I just stumbled upon Gnosticism a few weeks ago and realized it contains all I am looking for. The only downside of it is the very strong dualism they promote which is merely an illusion in my opinion. Besides that these teachings contain the essence of Hermetism, Kabbalah and much more that I see as the foundation for everything.

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Thanks for posting this @kennyskitchen, it was quite a synchronicity to have read your post this evening after turning to a good friend today saying those very words; Do what thought will...

All the best to you,


Interesting. This post reminded me to read one of Somerset Maugham's books I haven't read, the one based on Crowley, - who was his friend.


UPDATE: Nevermind. Read it. This particular book of Maugham's was not very good.

I have never read anything about Gnosticism before. I learn something new every day.

Wow, small world. I was a member of the OTO, for some years, whilst exploring further, after my many years in Wicca. I actually go into detail on my time in the OTO, in the interview that I did with @churdtzu.