How can you show love to your girlfriend or boyfriend?

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Showing love to your spouse depends on your spouse. His/her preferences. Or based on your spouse's love language. 💞😍😘💞

And that is why you need to understand your partner's love language.

There are five(5) different love languages:

Words of Affirmation: When you assure and reassure your partner of your love for them. Most people whose love languages are words of affirmation, are natural poets as they can express their love in beautiful words. My first love language is words of affirmation so if you're my partner and you reassure me of your love for me, you are expressing love to me. 😍

Gifts: Some people's love language is gift. When you give them gifts, you are simply expressing your love for them.

Physical Touch: For others, it is physical touch. You find them all touchy. It doesn't have to do with anything sensitive. Just a slight touch on their hands, you are already sending a love signal across to them. They'll slightly brush your face and other physical areas of your body and would be very excited to do so.

Acts of Service: Act of service simply means acting in a way that serves your partner. For a lady whose love language is act of service, if you assist her in the kitchen, she feels so loved. For a guy whose love language is act of service, he will be so happy to help out when need arises, it doesn't matter if it's kitchen activities or not.

Quality Time: When you spend quality time with some people, they automatically feel you're into them.

Understanding your partner's love language is what makes a relationship strong. Because you will be able to show them that you love them. For example, if your partner's dominant love language is words of affirmation, all you need to do is reassure them consistently about how much you love and care about them. The same goes for others.

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