Pit Bull Can't Sleep Without Her Dad Singing Her A Lullaby

in #love3 years ago (edited)

Pit bulls have the worst reputation, but I don't blame the animal. I believe it's the owner who makes the dog turn cold.

This breed has had the worst reputation along with Rots. But like I stated earlier, I truly believe it's the owner who mistreat their pets and turn them into wild vicious animals.

I have been around a couple pits who were built like monsters, but were the sweetest creatures I have had the pleasure to play with. They're loyal, protective, and of course man's best friends.

In this video you can see the sadness and love in her eyes. The unconditional love ALL dogs can possibly have for their master is precious and it makes me somewhat envious.

When I first came across this clip and saw this beautiful dogs face I couldn't help but love her instantly. Those gorgeous puppy eyes and the sad look had my heart filled with so much love for her. I can only imagine that her father was enchanted by her look and the fact that his voice was able to put her to sleep. Maybe i'm just a sucker for beautiful eyes but this video made me very envious of the love they share. Envious in a very positive way.

I hope you all enjoy the little clip if you haven't seen it already.


Omg, that's cute the way he goes to sleep.

Wow....amazing how fast the dog fell asleep.

&#127947 ashtonishing & pleasant!

I scare ,when I see the dog like that

Hahha.... Funny dog

ha ha ha.Wow.amazing for his father.I am surprised to read and watch this video.

I hate pit bull

That's so adorable!

I don't know why, but when I read the title I thought you meant the singer, Pitbull. That mental image alone deserves an upvote.

omg too cute ;D

Dogs are true friends of human beings and we cannot measure the love, loyalty and protectiveness showed by dogs towards their owners. Thanks for sharing this beautiful video with us, when the owner started singing the expressions and eyes of dog reflecting the amazing shine of happiness. 🙂

Stay Blessed.

Oh thats really cute. The man who is singing has a nice voice too. I am afraid of them after all the sad stories that I heard, but all animals are cute once they experience love.

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