A Group Of 5 Great Friends Who Attended Every Super Bowl Now Has Gone To 4 After Member Died Just Before Game

in love •  11 months ago

They have spent the previous 51 Super Bowls together and just before the game they lose their good friend.

His name was Al Schragis, considered to be the leader of the group of 5 known as "The Super Bowl 5", died of pneumonia Saturday night. He died in his winter home in Florida.

Sylvan Schefler, Harvey Rothenberg, Lew Rapaport and Larry McDonald, the four members remaining went on to continue their tradition Sunday, by attending the Super Bowl for the 52nd time.

Al Schragis designed both the blazers and rings the group wore to the 51 Super Bowls they attended together.

The group admitted Schragis' sad death has left them with a grand void knowing they have lost a long time friend.

“He is here is spirit,” Rothenberg added. “We loved him."

But without Schragis, the men have no intention of ending the ritual.

“We're gonna continue going as long as we can," Rothenberg added. "He would have wanted us to."

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This is actually a rather inspiring story for me to come across! this crew still has life in it, plenty!

Thanks a lot for sharing this unusual story with us on the day following the Super Bowl.

Namaste :)

Really this is unfortunate my dear friend
I feel the loss of the relative and know what it feels like. I have passed through such a stage. And now I can not forget what I am doing.
The picture is really wonderful for a great friendship. The death of someone is a great loss for them. I hope they will be patient about losing their friend.
Thanks dear @joseph

Oh so sorry for that is quite unfortunate

This is so cool! But also so sad! I bet if you were sitting by these men at the game you would feel their souls brighten from the fifth that had passed away!

@joseph friends are really good vaccine against the bad sways of life

I'm glad they continued the tradition Sunday and attended the game.

What a terrific story. Seriously, I hope I have friends like that when I'm older.

Good togetherness can make us happy.
Good luck.