The Married life heart touch history

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Before touching a body of salt, before touching it
Sometimes it may not be asked
"You're fine"?
At the end of the day the wife's bra in the house
Her husband forgets to open,
One in depth, two inches from the breast
Have a heart!
Buy the condom from the street and buy the condom
The husband does not remember the return, one
Today's house with a little kajal kauta
What is the turn!
The place to enjoy the world!
Yet, we often only enjoy
I think katakea family!
Between enjoyment and enjoyment
The difference is difficult to understand because we
Unmarried married life
Come on!
The meaning of family is actually the rule
Blouse's buttons are not open, all these
Many more than the open rules
Have some!
Business is a responsibility!
At the end of physical attraction frenzy
Sleeping couple on the opposite side
Never found, never love
Do not come in anhahana!
If the person is unbearable after the sperm flare
If it starts, then you are sensual,
Still could not become lover!
If you are a boyfriend,
The opposite of bull's sleep
Have to wait till!
At an age we love
As well as the body too
I hope!
Again a time as well as the body
Our love is very important!
There is no charm to the naked body!
Happiness is found in the lover's hair,
Cheek toilets, forehead presses,
Eyes of the eye!
Love means "toward your eyes
256 times can be killed by seeing "!
Love means "You sleep, I'm one
You have to wake up from the whole night
I see!
You love the body to love
If you can not deny
How to make body
Denied love!
The body will come in love, however
Love also comes in the body!
Not just breasts, but two inches from breast
He can not see the heart of the heart
And whatever love you have
Not learned!
We discover the depth of the vagina
I learned to do, but the heart's heart
I did not learn to search depth!
From a night's sleep,
See the man sitting by the hand!
Listen to the four happiness and sorrow! The opposite
Give the man a little time! It enhances love for each other ....
(- - I apologize if someone hurts me.)

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