We all can use training wheels for connections these days💚

in love •  4 months ago

We all can use training wheels for connections these days💚

On 11-11-11 I designed these pins that people can wear to help spark connection with people in real life again🌈

I feel like meeting people in real life has become a lost art form with the internet replacing the in person beauty of meeting one another🦋

So I’m starting a experiment by making two pins👽

This first one is a heart pin and people that looking for love would wear one😻

The second one I made and will post at a later date is a happy face pin where people that are looking for friendship can wear🍄

I truly believe that these say hi pins can help us get back into having in person interactions that matter in a fun and special way🦄

I will be getting them shortly and will be giving them out to people with the only requirement being if I give them one they will wear it daily and become active participants in this experiment in connection🐒

I hope this inspires you it surely inspires me and that’s why I’m doing it💜

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Great initiative, proud of you sir.


Thank you my friend