Thank you for coming Sunshine!

in #love2 years ago

Thank you for coming to see me Sunshine. It is the first time you will venture out of your station of service to see anyone and it was me.
Seeing you that day at the park Gabe me some very happy thoughts and I just couldn't contain my joy as I tried to lift you up into the air.
The moments spent with you thereafter is memorable and one I will remember always.

I apologize.

I do have to apologize about my action that kinda ruined our Sunday.
I am passionately in love with you and I cannot bear to see you being scooped away by anyone else.

The thought that someone out there can think they can add you to their list of conquest is insulting and I hope to never live to see that day.

I love you for real and I cannot stop loving you no matter what. I may get too emotional sometimes and that is because I am seriously in love with you.

See you soon as I will be coming over to spend some more quality time with you.
Safe journey Sunshine and God's blessings always.

Remember that, I love you some you and me and for us.

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