A Trip of a Lifetime

in love •  8 months ago

He took me to the beach
but I could not scream
because my feet stank
and my clothes too
I tried to take a bath
but the water stank too
And these pressing matters
had created a mob in my head,
recent unpleasant memories,
too strong that I forgot
to address the reason I came here.

But when I wasn't her,
when the walls started to dissolve,
the flood gates opened themselves.
I spoke exactly what I felt to speak.
I hid exactly what I felt to hide.
I cried like a baby,
But won't drink wine.
Have you really seen The Starry Night?
I sat on the floor,
I screamed when I was scared.
I said just what I wanted,
I even hugged.
I would've lie on the grass,
I felt so alive.
It felt like I could dissolve in the continuum;
I swam in love.
I ran when the ugly DJ approached
I listened to her wisdom.
I loved.
The lights, they were bright.
The food!
I could not digest much,
I wrote in circles, literally.
But one thing I couldn't do
was trust any of them.

All good things must end.
When they do you sink.
On the boat I felt
like a lavage after a buffet.
But the water, endless and cold,
made my spirit at home.
And I guess I took in the gravity
and the reality of the situation;
I had experienced something so beautiful
that i might never again in a long while
or ever at all...
Omg! What was all of that?
Omg! what is reality?
This is still a dream.
In my room in a few hours that's reality,
sad and ugly,
hopeless and dull,
without you.

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