Back To The One.

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Back to the one my heart desires and love
Here I am at the door of her heart holding the white dove
If you can't stand the fire, leave the kitchen they say
Here I am, withstanding the heat and the pressure from the stove
You have sown the seed of love in me like a clove
It has grown massively as I nourish it daily without wearing my glove
It would be messy, it would be dirty and not mind watering it with a few tears too
Back to the one I love, whom my heart desires
My heart leaps for joy as I trace her lips with my fingertips
I saw the way her scaled lips moved up, yearning for mine
As her body stays alert, moving to the rhythm of the tune that my body plays
Away from you, my love, I don't ever want to stray
Our love to continually burn, this is what I daily pray
A lady with her worth more than gold, I don't need to be told
To your love, my lover, my heart is completely sold
Show me a challenger and for you, I would crush
Give me the ocean and I would swim across for you
Give me the river and I would stay in wait for as long as it takes
As long as I hold your hands and feel the tenderness of your skin, lips and heart


Gingered Up! ❣️

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