Life's Contrasts - A few moments in love at the @gardenofeden

in love •  5 months ago

Life circumstances can be incredibly intense. Not everyone is blessed to have the circumstances of well-being. Since I am fully aware of that, I choose every moment to make the best of the life I am given, and know it will unfold in alignment with the choices I make.

I'm so grateful that my day does not consist of and revolve around
air conditioning,
a cubicle,
fluorescent lights,
alarm clocks,
grumpy adults,
processed food,
living for a paycheck,
and survival!

Instead I choose and am blessed with my own rhythm,

my own inspirations,


bare feet in nature,

fresh air, sunshine,

vibrant and healthy fresh garden food,

wide open spaces,

play with joyous, curious and capable children,


infinite possibility,

and thrival!

I live in gratitude everyday for the beauty that is,
and the opportunity to deepen my life's experience
through @quinneaker's creation of the @gardenofeden.

Our daily blessings are ever evolving,
and based on love!!!!



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Life is always best with the nature. True words @everlove ...
I just left a busy and hectic city life and came to may native place which happen to be a village with not much expose to modernisation. Greenary all around and freshness the atmosphere...just now only worrried to start some earning for living....quite enjoying my stay now

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How beautiful it is to re-examine life and start anew! Love that you're in nature and getting the opportunity to slow down and really smell the roses. Good for you! I hope you're choosing the life of your dreams @steemflow!


Thanks...hope i have taken the correct foot forward...and everything fall into places. Love the village life...👍

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Whatever moves you and speaks to your heart will be the correct foot forward. When one is in alignment with well-being, well-being simply is!

Inspiring post <3
People (including me) often forget, that we have a choice. It needs some confidence to start living the life you really want.


Most of us live for security and the known, in fear of the unknown and passionate possibility. It really is a choice. Why wait for tomorrow or someday to live our dreams? Tomorrow may never come! All we have is now.


"All we have is now." This is so simple as true. Thanks for reminding me! Will try to keep that in mind.


It's amazing how simplicity really can shine the light on what is truly important. And there is no time like the present to remember it!

You are so blessed to lead such a lifestyle. But at the end of the day, it depends on the choices that we make.

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It really does come down to choosing, but first having the clarity on what is important and having integrity to follow through is of high order. It's hard to choose something with internal conflict, or not feeling like we deserve it. I'm super grateful to have positioned myself in a life that speaks to my soul. There is a lot of power in making such impactful choices in alignment with well-being. Thanks for the comment @positivesteem.


@everlove, you are living a blessed life.

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I know that to be truth @positivesteem. Hoping to share glimpses of it here on Steem.