Taking Your Problems To God.

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What does one do when he/she cannot deal with certain task beyond their reach? With my understanding we keep trying repeating mistakes over mistakes. Some guide us to take guidance from our elders, but what do elders know about this. Our elders say start praying and ask God for help. Can we trust in what our elders guide us? Few in many try to listen well by our elders. When we fail we learn the procedure of caring. It is the principle of life to take our problems to God. How do we do that?
By prayers.


Unfortunately we take this task to the last, while it is the strongest and unbeatable tool in a person's life. We got to remember Jesus also fought his battle by first starting to pray to his father. And once we pray we should have faith that our prayers are been listened by God.

Keep all your anxieties on God's shoulder and have faith in God. Our faith will set us free.

Thank you.

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Love your post , Thanks for sharing with us @bhavnapatel68 <3