Can You Identify Genuine Love When You Find One? Or Will You Just Let It Out Of Your Sight Easily Because You Do Not Understand It's Importance.

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There is one thing I have noticed amongst individuals and that is our inability to reciprocate love when we have them.
To me, I feel that love is a gift that should be treasured and never taken for granted.
Love especially a genuine one is usually difficult to find, so getting one implies that it should never be taken for granted in any way whatsoever.

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For some people who have been shown the true meaning of love, they usually find it very difficult to reciprocate it, they usually feel that they will have that love permanently for a very long time.
I have been forced to come to the conclusion that people who are given this gift of love usually like to take it for granted.

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What I mean by them taking the gift of love they have for granted is that, to them they do not find it necessary or valuable, they probably think that the individual who is showing them love is just a very foolish being or the person is just being too caring.
The only time they realize what they have done is when they have finally loose that gift of love that they lack.


Identifying genuine love is a great

Love shown and not reciprocated is an act of pure wickedness.

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