love story part tharty six

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pexels-photo-300957.jpegMarriage without seeing

  • After listening to the praise of the young girl, she was not impressed by her, when a young man got married. First look at the wife before going to the bus stand. He was depressed by his wife's veil and opened it. Look, his very desired wife is not Ruposhi, black. So he left his wife's room. The mother does not come back to her mother's sadness. The name is Amir bin Anas.
    Finally, the wife herself goes to her. She said to the dear husband, 'Oh! Whatever you dislike, maybe your welfare is in it, come. 'Then go to the maiden's wife and the night turns to the house. During the day, she looked tired of looking at the face of the woman's face and again. Mera has left home for the sadness of her mind. Go away, in another town. Meanwhile, he does not keep the news that his wife is pregnant at night. Aamir spent twenty years in the country continuously. Twenty years later he returned to his hometown. First of all, enter the favorite mosque near your home. In the midst, a handsome young man appearing in the heart of the holy Qur'an. And the huge mosque filled the people with the utmost attraction in their hearts. The heart of Amir was shaken by hearing her heartwarming tone. When people ask the name of this gentleman, the people said, 'This is Imam Malik.' You want to know again, 'Who is this son?', The people said, 'This is the son of a person named Amir bin Anas. Who has been away from home twenty years ago, and has not returned. 'Aambe Amir Imam came to Malek and said,' Take me to your house. But I will not enter your house without your mother's permission. I will stand in the door of your house. You will go inside and say to your mother, a man standing at the door. He said to me, "Whatever you dislike, maybe your welfare is in it." Imam Malik's mother said, "O Malek! Run, take him with respect, he is your father. After a long time he was back in the country.
    This is the virtuous mother, who was the father of Imam Malik (RA). So the world gets enlightened not by feminine women, but by virtuous women.

Wow very beautiful photography and blog

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