It was a happy birthday celebration for me yesterday

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Despite being in self-isolation mode these days my birthday was a bit of a fun bash. Regrettably no-one came to visit carrying pressies and birthday wishes for lunch and cake. It is against the isolation rules at the moment. But, that did not mean having a fun birthday could not take place

i still had a cake made for me, an easy pick for me. It had to be Dolly Vardon. It is a cake that always reminds me of the special dolls in bathrooms from decades ago. You know, the ones that have a spare toilet roll under their skirts. As a child and a young person I would see them in my grandmother's and aunt's home. it has never been picked over the 3 decades of everyone choosing! But this year was different, toilet rolls have become an obsession amongst many in the community. People take too many and others do not have any! It is a hot topic of conversation with everyone.


Ben the creator and maker of birthday cakes in the family did a great job! He could only find one packet cake mix left on the shelf in Coles, a gluten free devil chocolate one. He bought it - just what he wanted given that I am gluten free. How I love the way the universe works, it was in our corner batting for us.

The next challenge was finding a barbie doll, there are none in our toy closet. We only little boys in the family. So my job was a quick dash to Gone Bonkers to look for a look like one. And low and behold the universe was still in our corner, there were several sitting on a shelf and the cost was only $4.

Here is Ben's creation.


Last night was the candle blowing and cake cutting moment. Pic were taken to share with family and friends.



I had a really fun day video chatting with my sisters and talking on the mobile to family and friends. Despite these unprecedented times, I got to still feel connected and feel the love.

Happy day everyone

Cheers and Blessings


Here is a post published on facebook recently. The message with the post was showing how we care without using words. The photo says it all.
New Note.jpeg


Well happy birthday for yesterday and looks like you still had a fun one luckily for the technology of video calls and etc :)

I noticed your not really posting on @hive is there a reason your not posting on @hive i have noticed a few other people are not posting on @hive either i am not sure why but anyway i am trying to post on both so no matter what i will try and stay connected with everyone :)

Hi @bigsambucca, I tried to write a second post a little while ago but I couldn't download photos so thought I would leave it. I also am trying to write a book and find that writing posts on two sites takes me away from my work. I know I can just stick to @hive but I have connections on Steemit still.

I will give @hive another go, thanks for the nudge and for caring💜

I know what you mean i have had problems also loading photos on @hive so i don't post through @hive i post through @esteem which directs the post to @hive anyways. It is time consuming as you said but never mind i will come and visit you on @steemit and good luck with your book :)

Thank you, I just have to get to it.

All in good time i am sure you will get around to it . Take care and be safe :)

@angiemitchell, Belated happy birthday and good wishes from my side. Stay blessed always.

If we know how to celebrate then we can celebrate our life everyday no matter what are the conditions. Stay blessed.

Hi @chireerocks, love your positiveness and thank you for your birthday wishes. Take care and keep on keeping safe🙏

Welcome and thank you so much for your very kind response. Stay blessed.

And you too.

Thank you so much. that photo angiemitchell and happy belated birthday! I had one last month but I didn't get any calls or presents or cards. Not that I wanted any. lol.
But I'm glad yours was memorable!

Hahaha, would love to make you a cake jonboy janton, it would have to be a big Texan hat I think.

Oh, great idea for a cake! lol.

Hahaha, Ben is very clever and there is always a way to make a speciality birthday cake.

Clever indeed, that was so cool!