Mirror on The Wall

in •  20 days ago

The voices inside my head
wont let me rest.
You've fallen in the same destructive patterns time and time again.
Havent you learned ?
Why must you continue to hurt?
I'm starting to believe you enjoy the pain.
You find peace in your self destructive ways.
It allows you to run, to hide, to lie beside the very demons that continue to haunt you.
But you dont mind that.
Now do you?
You tell yourself that self medication is only temporary.
You've convinced yourself that it's absolutely necessary to suppress the very emotions that make you feel like you're supposed to.
One look in the mirror,
I'm wondering who TF I am.
I know where I went wrong.
Convinced myself I dont belong.
Drink the pain til it's gone,
every emotion goes numb
and I succumb to the very thing I'm tryna get away from.
You deserve to feel.
You deserve to know what's real.
The agony you feel right now is temporary.
And you prolong it,
with every sip you take,
with the empty promises you make ,
you want to love yourself,
and you've forgotten how.
Mirror on the wall,
when I rise and when I fall,
in too deep,
remember who you were ,
Grace Before the drink.

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