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I asked so many people about the Love. All replied in a philosopher way, and defined love in their own words which is baseless.

I never understand why don't they explain Love in a practical way as per today's scenario.

Fortunately, last week, I found a Novel - Love Story by Eric Segal in my Personal and Mini Library.

I quote a line on this novel, which explains a lot of about the Love in a practical way, so I thought to share it with you:

"Love means, you don't ever do anything for that you have to say SORRY!"

Really a good collection of words in a proper format.

If you like, please follow me and dont forget to upvote it :)

If anyone want, its .pdf version, you may ask me. I would like to share it :)

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please share the link to get .pdf version.

Beautiful Picture btw

true. you cant hurt someone you love.

i want too.

share the download link.

beautiful image with a heart.

good post with good lines as well as good image.