Poll:50 Do you play the Local Lottery?

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The weekly lottery usually gives us a chance or the idea that we might win and make important changes in our lives with the Money if we should win. Unfortunately only a few chosen winners and the hope is we are one of them and usually the outcome does no find us but never the less there's always next weeks lotto.

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Poll:50 Do you play the Local Lottery?

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Yes I paly the local lottery but loss my money

#Poll:50 Do you play the Local Lottery?

i used to , weekly, the minimum €1 for lottery or €2 for euromillions but its been a while, comes down to €51 or €100+ a year and i havent really gotten anything from it yet, always minus at the end of the year. What i still do sometimes is when i get to the local cigarette/newspaper cornerstore is buy a scratchlot of €1 ... if i win €2 i buy another one, if i win €5 i buy four more lol after that i take the even or the €1 loss, if id win the €25k id buy €20k steem heheh

so far no luck :p

No, I never played local lottery