Steem Lottery Round 183 Sat 22 Jan 2022 winner

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Hi, All,

Welcome to play the Steem Lottery game.
Steem Lottery Round 183 Sat 22 Jan 2022 winner

Here is the valid entry

Steem IDEntry number

There is no winner in this round

Steem Lottery game is a mimic of LOTTO and uses the LOTTO drawing results to make sure the game is fair and transparent. For those who don't know how to play LOTTO games, the rules are really simple: you need to buy a ticket for an entry by picking 6 numbers from 1-59. How much you win depends on how many numbers in your entry match the drawing results.

For more details of the LOTTO rules, please refer to the details here:

The LOTTO drawing occurs every Wednesday and Saturday, All Drawing results can be found here:


How to play?

  • Each ticket costs 0.2 STEEM, you will need to send your entry number (pick 6 numbers from 1-59) in a memo when transferring ticket fee 0.2 STEEM to @lotteries. For example, if you entry number 02 03 09 35 48 49, you can just send the number in the 'Memo' as : "lottery 02 03 09 35 48 49", Multiple entries are allowed, but you have to make the transfer of 0.2 STEEM for each ticket separately.

  • You can also choose to upvote the opening post for each round to get tickets for entry, the number of tickets depends on your upvote value. For those who choose to upvote the post to get entry, the entry numbers were randomly generated. These entry numbers will be posted when the entry is close for the round.

What you can win - The prize

The prize scheme is similar to the national lottery, here is what you can win. Currently the First Prize and JackPot* is capped at 1000 HIVE, but will grow with the increasing pool size.


Claim the prize

I will post the results for each round and the winners when the National Lottery draw results are released here The right amount of STEEM will be sent to your account straight away according to the Prize you win!

Let me know your toughs or any suggestions.

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