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Tropical Depression causes MASSIVE damage to Vietnam

in lordrayel •  11 months ago


Tuesdays Tropical Depression that smashed into Vietnam left over 37 dead and 40+ people missing. Evacuations were issued to over 200,000 people, damage was done to more than 1,000 houses, another 16,740 homes were submerged, and it damaged infrastructure and crops in six central and northern provinces.

Did you think the Lord of the Storms was here to bring you gifts?

School is almost over, and IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP, PEOPLE!


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Bishop Corey DeFrancesco

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The world is falling apart!

School is almost over for us and we are about to receive our final grades on how we have done. Those who graduate with honors get eternal life and life of bliss in the new kingdom. Some may still need to go to school... that is where pergatory comes into play

These numbers are staggering, Everyone should know by now the Lord only protects what's his